Hello! I know that there are not many people on this wiki currently, but I am hoping that through hard work and dedication, we can build a thriving community of *active* wikia-users that can help build this wiki! Here are some things I would like to say...

1. I wish to make this the second most viewed Fable website under the actual Fable wiki.

2. I hope we can all get along! There is no need for anger because you can hide behind a computer! We all share something common - Fable - so why not celebrate our differences and share our similarities, hm?

Here are some things I like about Fable...

My favourite character is Ser Walter Back.

My favourite game in the series is Fable III even though I think Fable: The Lost Chapters is extremely good.

The most gold I have is the amount I have now. Which is over a 20 million in the treasury and over 50 million in my personal fund and it is still growing!

My favourite NPC on average is Elliot because he's dreamy...

My favourite enemy on average is Reaver.... Did you not see him in Fable II??

I love exploring.

Sirens of Oakvale 23:04, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

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