Though Fable 4 hasn't been announced a new game in the series called Fable: The Journey has been announced at the E3 event. This new Fable will evidently lose a lot of fans, as I have judged from reactions from America and Europe. The game is going to be made for 360 only, as it uses Kinect technology which is obviously only for 360.


Fans have been saying that they will not be buying the new game, I for one agree with the general concensus that Peter Molenxue has gone too far and has not listened to fans of the franchise. Some people say that they will buy the game but only because they like the franchise and not because the game itself will be as good as Fable: The Lost Chapters. Many people will not be buying it, I for one will not be buying it because I dislike the whole 1st-person idea plus, I don't own a Kinect system!

Heroes aren't born, but are... made?!

In the trailer, it was told that Heroes are not born but instead are made, which leaves us asking: What' going on and Why is this so? Another thing that may anger the fans is how the game has changed so much. The game is set to be released in 2012 and is 1st person, unlike the other games. Though the graphics are good, the actual game is not good and nowhere near the quality of Fable TLC.

Thanks for reading, I'll keep you all updated!

~You've Been Silenced Today by User:Sirens of Oakvale :D 15:45, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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