Teresa has played a big part in all of the Fable games and has been an underlying main character.

Theresa concept as she appears in Fable II
Vital statistics
Title Blind Seeress
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Blind Seeress
Location Bower Lake, Bowerstone, Oakvale

Hisory Edit


Theresa is sister to the Hero of Oakvale, the main protagonist in Fable: The Lost Chapters. Her mother is unknown (but we know her fate) but her father was killed in the Raid on Oakvale by Bandits which killed everyone in the village of Oakvale except for the Hero and herself, though her eyes were cut out. From the fact that she is sister to the Hero of Oakvale, we know that she is related to all of the heroes throughout the game.

Interaction with BanditsEdit

Theresa was taken hostage after the Raid on Oakvale and it is stated before the raid that "she had the horrible dream again", where the bandits came - she showed phsycic potential. Because of her potential, the bandit leader Twinblade used her as his blind seeress. A quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters is that you must rescue her.

Clothing Edit

After Fable TLC, Teresa will always wear a red and cream hooded robe/dress and looses her blindfold. Her eyes glow a green-color.

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