Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Stats
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Reaver Industries
Health  ?
Level  ?
Status  ?
Location Bloodstone; Bowerstone Industrial

Reaver is an antagonit throughout Fable III and an ally in Fable II.

Fable II Edit

Reaver is shown in Fable II as a strong and very skilled man who will do anything to succeed in Bloodstone. Reaver plays a rather large part in the game as he is the Hero of Skill and helps to kill Lucien.

Fable III Edit

In Fable III, Reaver's role is reversed. He is no longer an ally but a tyrant in Bowerstone who took over Bowerstone Industrial to force work on it's people. Reaver is more often than not disputing causes in the Throne Room, where the King or Queen must make his or her choices. It appears that Reaver is imortal, as he lived before the Hero of Bowerstone and after him or her - without aging (though this may be due to a special potion or ritual, a cited late in the game when he must attend to matters which have become "quite regular and tedious").

Reaver Industries Edit

It is uncertain when Reaver Industries first came to Bowerstone, but we know it was sometime during the Hero of Bowerstone's reign, most likely a a favour to Reaver for helping to kill Lucien.

Reaver Industries is the main business in Fable III and ties in very well with the main story-line. Reaver will help the King/Queen build the locations they wish, so long as the treasury pays and the slave labour in Bowerstone can be abolished if the King/Queen decide to turn a factory into a school, but labour is still prominent and there is a quest called "Slave Labour" where you must drag people to work.

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