Lucien is the main antagonist through Fable II.

Story Involvement Edit

Though being a main character, he does not show himself in the game too often. This may be due to a great number of reasons. One being that he is King of Albion, another being that he is at the Tattered Spire - wishing to rebuild it. At the start of the game, he summons the Hero and their sister Rose to the castle. The Hero and his/her sister stand on the plinth, where a strange glow surrounds the Hero and sister. Claiming that "... you must be one of the Heroes, but you are not one from the legends...", he shoots Rose. After she died, he says he is sorry but he must do this and shoots the Hero from the Castle Study, where the Hero drops to the ground. The Hero eventually recovered after years in the Bower Lake Gypsy Camp and heads to start his/her journey. Later on, the Hero has dealings with Jarvis, Lucien's old butler. After finding Lucien's diary, the Hero heads to the Spire in order to kill him. Lucien eventually dies.

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