Placeholder person
Hannah in [[Oakfield[]], Fable II
Vital statistics
Title Hero of Strength
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Temple of Light
Health  ?
Level  ?
Status Unknown after the Events of Fable II
Location Oakfield; Chamber of Fate

Hannah is the Fable II Hero of Strength and was a monk until her father died and she sided with the Hero of Bowerstone against Lucien, the tyranical man who rules Albion and wishes to repair the Tattered Spire, and who also killed your big sister, Rose.

History Edit

Hannah was brought up as a monk at Oakfield's Temple of Light, having such a background, she never did fit in because she was strong and prefered to fight. When the Hero first meets her, she is singing a song called "Down by the Reeds" which is a song about Oakvale [1].

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