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The Fable Franchise: The BeginingEdit

"Your story is waiting."

Fable is a highly renown RPG for The P.C. and Xbox 360. It has sold millions of copies worldwide, along with the numerous awards it has won. Devleloped by Lionhead Studios, Fable combines action-packed adventure with the highly anticipated Free-Roaming. In the first (Fable), you start off with a small child of your gender, who lives in an idealic farming village. From there, you go on to forge their entire lifetime, from Birth to Death. Along the way, you'll encounter vital componants which are needed to create your personality. These include; Purity and Corruption, Good and Evil... However, it dosn't end there. In a world where every choice you make has a counter, you will soon discover that one small, slight decision can shape your future...

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