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Fable III is the highly anticipated RPG game of the Year (2010) in the very successful Fable franchise which spawns from the first game, Fable: The Lost Chapters. As with all of the games, you see yourself in the role of an untrained hero, rising from a Prince or Princess to lead a rebellion against your tyrant brother Logan and change Albion for the better or for the worse.

Plot Summary Edit

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You are the Prince/ess. Son/Daughter to the mighty Hero of Bowerstone, with true potential. Fable III see's you escape from the clutches of your brother Logain and being hurtled into the world of chaos as you try to gain the trust of the people that Logain abandoned and lead the rebellion against him.

Once you gain enough followers, however, it is not how it seems. Logain may or may not be dead by this point and you, the Ruler of Albion, must decide how to handle the invasion of the Crawler who threaten to destroy the whole of Albion. Will you let your kingdom survive, and become a tyrant? Or will you be the saint everyone wished for and keep your promises to your new found allies but allow your kingdom to perish? It's your choice - and every move has a counter...

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