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Fable II
Placeholder person
Fable II Box
Vital statistics
Title Fable II
Developers Lionhead Studios
Date of Release 2009
Platform/s PC; Xbox 360
Previous Game Fable: The Lost Chapters
Next Game Fable III
Status In Retail
Protagonists/Antagonists Hero of Bowerstone; Lucien; Rose; Teresa

Fable II is the extremely succesful second game in the Fable series which all began with Fable: The Lost Chapters for the original Xbox. Fable II was released for Xbox 360 and PC, so a lot of versatility was enabled.

Plot Summary Edit

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You are an unknown urchin with your sister, Rose. Living in the cold streets of Bowerstone, you learn a lot, especially about Murgo the Trader of "mystical" goods. You and your sister encounter a blind woman, who is later revealed to be Teresa and she convinces you to buy a music box for 5 gold coins.

The music box was nothing and was destroyed as you wound it up but that night, you were taken to Fairfax Castle, only to meet your destiny...

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