The Crawler
The Crawler
The Crawler
Vital statistics
Title Crawler
Gender  ? (Presumably Male)
Race Crawler
Faction Auroran; Darkness; Shadows
Health  ?
Level Matching Hero
Status Alive; Dead (Post-campaign)
Location Aurora; Albion

The Crawler is the main boss of Fable III and the main antagonist after Logan. The Crawler is first met in Aurora, before you meet Kalin and after you get shipwrecked.

Darkness Incarnate Edit

The first time the Crawler is met, he is in Aurora and Ser Walter Beck is tormented by it's darkness.

Final Quest Edit

The Crawler has no intention of fighting you, but instead possesses Walter, causing you great distress as you kill him.

About Edit

The Crawler is very large and calls the shadows "his children". His face is grotesque, and is not the face of a humanoid, so it is clear the Crawler is not a human.

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