"...And gave that Thag a belly ache..."

-Bard after the Hero of Bowerstone kills Thag the Bandit

Bower Lake is a central area and location throughout the Fable games.

Fable TLC Edit

In Fable: The Lost Chapters, the Hero find his way to places such as Brightwall and Orchard Farm from the area and encounters many Bandit's and other enemies in the area.

Fable II Edit

During Fable II, the Hero finds him or herself starting his or her free life in the Bower Lake Gypsy Camp, and ventures into Bower Lake to enter the Tomb, which provides the Hero with enough skill to pass into other places. A main starting boss in Fable II, is located at the Bandit Camp, where you must kill Thag, a mighty bandit leader who has been terrorrising Bowerstone Market and Bowerstone for some time. After the bandit is killed, a Bard will follow the Hero through Bowerstone Market and sings a song about the Heros bravery in killing Thag and whether or not freeing the Slaves at said camp.

Fable III Edit

Bower Lake in Fable III plays a les-significant role, as much of the game takes place in Aurora, the Castle Fairfax or Bowerstone Industrial. However, Bower Lake is still a part of the game which has been there forever and provides a nice change of pace for the Prince or Princess.

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