Placeholder location
Vital statistics
Type Location in Fable III
Level N/A
Location Albion
Inhabitants Kalin; The Aurorans

Aurora is a location in Fable III and is one of the alliances you need in order to begin the revolution and take Albion from the hands of your trannical brother, Logan.

History Edit

Aurora was visited by King Logan, where his entire expidition was killed by the Crawler, but Logan was healed by Kalin's and the Auroran's magic, but after his journey in Aurora, Logan adandoned Kalin and her city, and removed Aurora from the Albion kingdom.

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After you gain the alliance of Swift and Page, you must prove your heroism and defiance to your brother to the Auroran's. When you arrive in Aurora, you and Ser Walter Beck encounter the Crawler for the first time and you almost die in the hot desert sands. Kalin rescues the Hero.

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